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Xe nâng động cơ Unicarriers 1.0-3.5 Ton

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xe nâng dầu diesel 2.5t hiệu Unicarriers

<Product Features>

  • Engine-powered counterbalance forklifts
  • Load capacity range : From 1.5 ton to 3.5 ton (Load center : 500mm)
  • Power source : Diesel engine (QD32, S4Q2), gasoline/PLG engine (K15/K21/K25)
  • The QD32 diesel engine has the equivalent emission performance to meet EU Stage IIIA, US EPA Interim Tier 4 and Japan Stage 2 standards.
  • Equipped with the multifunctional LC meter, sway control system, mast lock system, parking brake warning buzzer as standard.
  • Fingertip control lever, single control lever, tilt leveling system are available as an option.
  • The Vehicle Control Module (VCM) available to view the truck status as well as adjusting the truck performance.

Main Truck Specifications

  Load capacity Load center Max. fork height Overall width Overall length Overall height Turning radius
1.5 ton model 1500kg 500mm 3000mm 1065mm 2265mm 2115mm 1950mm
1.75 ton model 1750kg 500mm 3000mm 1065mm 2300mm 2115mm 1990mm
2.0 ton model 2000kg 500mm 3000mm 1150mm 2490mm 2115mm 2145mm
2.5 ton model 2500kg 500mm 3000mm 1150mm 2555mm 2115mm 2230mm
3.0 ton model 3000kg 500mm 3000mm 1250mm 2715mm 2150mm 2330mm
3.5 ton model 3500kg 500mm 3000mm 1280mm 2780mm 2155mm 2420mm
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